Impact Investing.

Redefining Investing Nationwide.

1,000 Foreclosure Joint Venture Law Firms

Our goal of 1,000 satellite Foreclosure Law offices under DCMI.

Our team is lead by Foreclosure Real Estate Attorney, Ovide Val, a 20 year Foreclosure defense and Criminal lawyer. Our team has helped thousands of families stop the foreclosure and save their home.

Redefining law with real estate investments to provide expertise to distressed owners.


Realtors Earn Double Commission

Join Dominion Capital Real Estate Revolution for Realtors nationwide!

We're recruiting 100,000 dynamic realtors nationwide to reshape the industry with off market and distressed property SOP's using our fund as the end buyer to solve their foreclosure issues.

Elevate your career and be part of the movement potentially earning double commission from each deal.


Of Funds



DCMI is committed to delivering superior returns through a diversified Fund of Funds (FoF) strategy.

This approach leverages our extensive expertise in various investments.

This enables a balanced portfolio that minimizes risk while maximizing potential gains.

We are positioned to deliver exceptional returns while safeguarding our investors' capital.

Global Infrastructure Financing Fund

Explore the transformative power of investment with our Global Infrastructure Financing.

We channel capital into projects that span across continents, fostering development from the vibrant hubs of emerging markets to the advancing landscapes of established nations.

Our expert financial strategies and strong global partnerships are the driving forces behind infrastructure projects that energize communities and bolster economies worldwide.

Elevate your investments!

Helping Families, Communities and Investors.

Secure high returns safely and securely by investing in foreclosure real estate.

Invest and unlock unparalleled value with DCMI distressed property program is a Gateway –

To unlimited financial opportunities.

Investing in our social impacting fund can produce high yields and consistent profits.

DCMI creates investor profits 4 ways:

1. Distressed Property Investing

2. Global Infrastructure Financing

3. Fund Of Funds Investing Strategy

4. Financing and Business Growth